About the blogger

I’m a vegan runner with some eccentricities (according to my friends), an English teacher at a secondary school and a mother of three grown up children.  I’ve struggled a bit with depression and anxiety, have a slight food obsession, am self-critical and perfectionistic and often find myself looking for peace of mind.  I do find it.  In walks, runs, meditation, friends, laughter and music.  I escaped an overly religious upbringing and am still consciously working out who I am.  My 33 year old self left the Plymouth brethren and, since then, a marriage.  I’ve spent much of my adult life shedding stuff that I don’t want or need and that I felt was foisted upon me by the expectations of others (that became my own).  And now I’m free of stuff that I don’t want, I’m learning to fill my life with things that I do want.  A truly loving and equal partner, who is helping me to let go and trust.  A healthy diet, for longevity and vitality.  A satisfying work-life balance, instead of unreasonable expectations of myself.   And now, a blog, which I’m very excited about!

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